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 ====== Carrier Bag Theory and Practice ====== ====== Carrier Bag Theory and Practice ======
 ====== Ergo-feminism IV : Octavia Butler ====== ====== Ergo-feminism IV : Octavia Butler ======
 +On the edge of being human, when human being is barely bearable, Butler’s science fiction allows her to encounter the persistence of racism, colonialism and patriarchy in a highly technologized world with uncommon intimacy and emotional power. 
 Our first session in fiction-philosophy Our first session in fiction-philosophy
 +How escapism can help us stay human in intolerable conditions from which we cannot escape. 
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 Readings   \\ Readings   \\
 {{ :octavia-e-butler-xenogenesis-book-1-dawn-1.pdf |Xenogenesis}}   \\ {{ :octavia-e-butler-xenogenesis-book-1-dawn-1.pdf |Xenogenesis}}   \\
-{{ :human_contradictions_in_octavia_e._butler_s_work.pdf |Human Contradictions in O. Butler}} +{{ :human_contradictions_in_octavia_e._butler_s_work.pdf |Human Contradictions in O. Butler}}   \\ 
 +{{ :wiki:captive-maternal-love-octavia-butler-and-sci-fi-family-values.pdf |Joy James on Octavia Butler "Captive Maternal Love"}}
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