Home & Away #8
The Longing
Home & Away #8: The Longing
West Den Haag

Saturday 15 August, 14:00 - 18:00 H

In August, Home & Away #8: The Longing is joined by architect, editor and writer Bernd Upmeyer who responds to the question: what is the physical and social impact of living between two homes?

Home & Away #8: The Longing looks at how ‘home’ is carried by those that have left their country of origin to begin a new life in another. The afternoon opens with a talk by Rotterdam based architect, editor and writer Bernd Upmeyer. He responds to the question: what is the physical and social impact of living between two homes? He addresses this question through his forthcoming book 'Binational Urbanism: On the Road to Paradise':
'Never before was the mobility of individuals higher than today. People work and live not only in different places, but often even between different countries. 'Binational urbanism' examines the way of living of people who start a second life in a second city in a second nation-state, without saying goodbye to their first city. They live in constant transit between two homes, between two countries. As a global phenomenon binational urbanists come from all strata of society, including the working class, and the highly educated and cosmopolitan creative classes. Through their continuous change of location binational urbanists seem to be living in a state that is characterized by a constant longing, or a constant homesickness, for the other city.'

We will end the day by taking a walk to a park for a picnic. For this, we invite you to bring a quick and easy summer dish to share with the group. It can be cuisine from your country of origin or something that you enjoy preparing in warm weather.

About the contributor:
Bernd Upmeyer is a Germany-born and Rotterdam-based architect and urbanist. He also is the editor and publisher of Monu Magazine on Urbanism and the founder of the architecture office BOARD.

Home & Away is a thematic program series brings together Dutch and international audiences with artists, composers, poets, translators, academics, and performers to think about what it is to be away, or stay at home. The program itself travels between its home at West Den Haag cities such as Sao Paulo, & Bangkok to extend question the notion of home and how this impacts on both art production and consumption.

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