Thuistezien 99 — 04.09.2020

No View, The Radio XIX
Alexander Johannes Heil
Planetary Synchronicity 2

Planetary Synchronicity is a series of collaborative global artistic-interventions between Alexander Johannes Heil and invited artists. The second one in the series is an audio visual composition created for ‘No View, the Radio’ composed from video footage requested from artists around the globe, working in their studios during the pandemic.
In Heil's own words bout the piece: 'There where only three conceptual restrictions: 1. The video must be recorded with a phone; 2. The camera must face the studio ceiling; 3. The artist must not be visible in the video. While mobile phones lie around staring at ceilings, they listen to the space. The soundscape of the world around them is their most important source of information to make sense of their environment. While their owners work, sleep, eat, love or do any other non mobile-phone-involving-activities, they are creating a global network, which creates the potential to listen to the whole globe at once.
I like the immediacy of the untreated recording. The video and sound material is left untouched, but cut and arranged as a compositional array with subtle musical approaches, emphasizing the dynamic musical characteristics of the artists working in their studios. In contrast to that, the videos of the “ceiling gazing phones” is static. They appear more like abstract paintings.’

Participating artists:
Luis Alonso Sanchez, Tijuana
Felix Bodin, Stockholm
Rik Möhlmann, The Hague
Serene Hui Sze-Lok, 香港
Jan Sengers, Den Haag
O. lala, Theran
Katherina Heil, The Hague

About the series: No View, The Radio
The arts are taking a break. Theaters, museums, concert halls and galleries are closed. To a large extent, the art that is so desperately needed right now is inaccessible. Imagine being quarantined at home without films, without books, without music. Though we may not access the art, we can still think about it. The enforced rupture of this isolation can also be an opportune moment to reflect on and from, the arts. Every Friday for the upcoming weeks we will showcase original musical works by different artists, selected by Alex Andropoulos.