Faire et défaire, c’est toujours travailler
07.06.2008 — 05.07.2008
Vincent Ganivet
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With Vincent Ganivet, you can feel like beeing in a silent movie. Few texts accompain his production, no signs appear, and the public will even sometimes have to look at his works from outside, behind a window which will lowed their sounds . These sounds are the only ‘intelligible’ words: plic plic, Fssshhhhhspaff, toc toc toc.
Never far from a certain ‘burlesque’, the artist organizes events/accidents, using the space of the gallery, of the opening to offer a catastrophic demonstration of the sculpture: he programs using a minutor the explosion of fireworks from a wood box, installs a water damage out of the ceiling, erects a giant domino race or other baroques and perilous constructions in breeze blocks... Esthetic question? Dangerous unconsciousness? Derision: the blocks fall mechanically, the rockets rebound on the walls of the gallery, the flow of the disaster can be regulate from a hidden tap.
(E.King and F.Baghriche for MB Prospects)