Home & Away #4
The Translator
Press Release – 29.10.2014

14.11.2014, 10:00- 14:00
At the São Paulo Biennial, Brazil
Bienal Pavilion, Dialogue Room, Ground floor
see also http://www.31bienal.org.br/en/events/1805

The fourth edition of Home & Away joins the program ‘Turning a Blind Eye’ initiated by artist Bik van Der Pol as part of the Bienal de São Paulo. Together we join Dr. Acides Villaça (Poet and Professor of Literature) and Alexandre Barbosa de Souza (Writer and Translator) for a morning talk on Brazilian poetry and ethics of translation.

The question that is placed in the center of this event is: ‘what responsibility does the poet and translator have to the work, to the interpretation, and society?’

The morning opens with Dr. Villaça who will talk about landscape in relation to language and the poetry of João Cabral based on his text ‘Expansão e limite da Poesia de João Cabral’. Following on from Dr. Villaça, we will hear from Alexandre Barbosa de Souza who will talk about the role and responsibility of the translator to the work of poetry. We end in the usual style of Home & Away by sharing a meal together.

This event is presented in Portuguese and English.

Home & Away is a thematic program series, which travels from West Den Haag to cities such as Perth, and Sao Paulo, to think about what it is to be away, or stay at home, and how this impacts on both art production and consumption.

If you would like more information please email Eloise Sweetman at eloise@westdenhaag.nl.