Museumnacht Kids 2018
Speurneuzen & Videopro’s
Musemnacht Kids
Researchers & Videopro's

Saturday March 17, 2018
17:00 - 22:00 H

Come and experience the spectacular world of the famous American media artist Gary Hill. In 8 different rooms you use your own ‘to-do kit’ to have a close look at the artworks. A visit to the exhibition provides a special experience of light, movement and color. What does this experience to you? Which words, do you think, fit here? Do you think an artwork is exciting, strange, chill, cool, bold, funny or dope?

With the words you have chosen, you then create your own light show using shape, light, shadow and color. Are you ready to create your own artwork? Come and get your earned reward in the form of a tasty snack!

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