Pascal Gielen: Vertrouwen
Boekpresentatie & debat
19.11.2023, 14:00

Pascal Gielen: Vertrouwen
Boekpresentatie & debat

19.11.2023, 14:00 — 16:00
Free, RSVP:
West in the former American embassy, Lange Voorhout 102, The Hague

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Walk in
Introduction by West
Introduction by Valiz
Presentation by Pascal Gielen

▶ Participants debate

Addie Stehouwer: Ombudsman van Den Haag en Leidschendam-Voorburg.
Addie Stehouwer: Municipal ombudsman of The Hague and en Leidschendam-Voorburg.
Tim de Boer: Representative of de Haagse Stadspartij, researcher, publicist, architecture critic and teacher.
Miriam Rasch: essayist, philosopher and research coordinator at Willem de Kooning Academy and writer in residence at NIAS.
Robert Oosterhuis: studied sociology and is research coordinator Culture and Media at the Ministry of OCW and Bjorn Padding

Afterward, there will be time for questions and drinks and to visit the exhibition Hexed, Vexed and Sexed.

Already in May, the CBS announced that, amongst the people, trust in the government dropped below 25 percent. How do we break this culture of distrust? In his new publication ‘Vertrouwen’, Pascal Gielen writes that the seed of trust is planted and fed in the cultural commons. Those are cultural goods, such as language, emotions, passions, interests and expressions, which we – mostly for free – share amongst each other. To guarantee trust, these cultural goods should be outside of the marketplace and outside of influence from the government. Only in this way, a strong society which creates trust can be built.

Vertrouwen argues for a politics of trust which lets people develop and control their own culture in connection with each other. Because, if culture doesn’t have a common ground, shaping the world and each other is made to be impossible. Broad societal trust starts by sharing vulnerabilities and commons create space for that. Anticipating the elections of november 22th, this book gives the possibility to include culture and the cultural commons back into the public debate. Without the commons, politics and policy will not be gaining trust, after all. (Valiz)

Pascal Gielen is culture sociologist, connectied to ARIA/Antwerp University as a professor. He leads the CCQO, Culture Commons Quest Office, In 2022, Gielen was appointed as curator of the ‘Culture Talks’ by the community of Flanders, and was assigned to write Vertrouwen.
Karina Beumer is a visual artist. Her work starts from drawing, and often leads to other art forms, such as music, video, sculptures, writing.

Boek: Vertrouwen
Auteur: Pascal Gielen
Tekeningen: Karina Beumer
Ontwerp: Lotte Lara Schröder
Paperback: November 2023
Uitgever: Valiz in collaboration with Department Culture, Youth & Media, Flanders
240 blz.
ISBN 978-94-93246-21-8
€ 15,00

This afternoon will be in Dutch