Artist talk with Hans Aarsman, Peter Hermanides, Jos Houweling, Frank Schallmaier & Claudia Sola.
Extra guests: Ineke Bakker and Fran van der Hoeven
Thursday 21 November 2013, 20:00, FREE entry.

Peter Hermanides will talk about his work as a caregiver and why he takes pictures. Hans Aarsman provides an explanation on the series Useful Photography. Jos Houweling will go deeper into the 'Bond boor het Vloeken' (Bond for Curses). Frank Schallmaier shows his new book and explains some unresolved issues for the public. Claudia Sola will introduce her work and explain the relationship between Maria Callas, Andy Warhol and Ayatollah Khomeny. Ineke Bakker will show three additional videos on the theme 'Friend and Foe'. With a presentation of three new, small West publications with work by Claudia Sola, Jos Houweling and Peter Hermenides. Fran van der Hoeven will play some records and sometimes talk about it.

The complete evening will be in Dutch and moderated by Hans Aarsman. Limited space, please make a reservation.

Volkskrant 13.11.2013 (click image for bigger, readable version)

Hans Aarsman