Museumnacht Kids
Speurneuzen & Waaghalzen
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Museum Night Kids
Detectives & Daredevils

Speciale event Museumnacht Den Haag
Saturday 18.03.2017

5 tot 10 PM

West in Huis Huguetan, Lange Voorhout 34, 2514 EE Den Haag

You are the HERO in the exhibition of Girardet & Müller. As a true detective you look for the ideas and starting points of the artists. A parrot, a typewriter, butterflies, a special briefcase, a clock, all clues in the pictures and tensive films. Together or alone you search for the main character, the suspect and the motive of the artists.

Willem de Ridder*, the master storyteller of The Netherlands, offers a special audio tour that makes your hair stand up. And in addition, you can also plop down in a bean bag and watch a movie in Popcorn Corner.

This program is a little scary and therefor not suitable for kids under 8. But all cold-blooded detectives between 8 and 12 are welcome!

What is there to do?

Photo & Film puzzle trip
continuous 8-12 years

Audio Horror tour by Willem de Ridder
continuous 8-12 years

Popcorn Corner
continuous 8-12 years

* Willem de Ridder started many developments in the field of art, culture and recreation in The Netherlands. He was closely involved in the creation of alternative youth clubs like Paradiso, Fantasio and the Melkweg. Together with Wim van der Linden, he realized ‘Sad Movies’ which were screened at film festivals throughout Europe. De Ridder is known for his work on national and Amsterdam based radio stations and worked with, a.o. Nam June Paik and Wim T. Schippers. With Annie Sprinkle, he made illustrious shows on various US radio stations.

Willem de Ridder acquired great fame as the master storyteller. In the Netherlands there are audio tours available in several places, where the listener is led by a radio play into an adventure through the voice of the master storyteller. A journey that can take place for example in pristine natural areas or in the mysterious corners of a City Palace in The Hague.