Rethinking the Embassy II
Delft University of Technology
27.01.2023 — 30.04.2023
Presentation and discussion

Thursday 26.01.2023, 19:00-21:00 H.
Location: West Den Haag in the former US embassy, Lange Voorhout 102, Den Haag

To conclude the Master’s program and the MSc1 redevelopment exercise of the former American embassy in The Hague, designed by Marcel Breuer, the Heritage & Architecture section, Faculty of Architecture TU Delft, is organizing a public meeting in the auditorium in collaboration with West Den Haag.

Approximately 8 students will present their design for a transformation of the current embassy building, followed by a panel of professionals who will reflect on the student designs. The question is how you can make changes in the building in a respectful way (value-based design) for the benefit of a new program. What is the appropriate choice to keep, adapt or change? Should you approach the building like a precious diamond or is the building like a frog that you want to turn into a prince?

The presentation will be followed by a discussion with:
Eugen Sauren (urban planning municipality of The Hague)
Wijnand Galema (art historian / Welstands- en Monumentencommissie The Hague)
Olivier Graeven (architect / Welstands- en Monumentencommissie The Hague)
Akiem Helmling (business manager / West The Hague)
Moderator: Alexander de Ridder (teacher / TU-Delft)

The evening is in English.