Thuistezien 29 — 20.04.2020

Punk Music

On 22 February 2020, West celebrated its first anniversary in the former U.S. Embassy. It seems like an eternity ago because the world has changed dramatically in the meantime.

In addition to the openings of four exhibitions, music curator Alex Andropoulos presented a full prgramma of diverse types of music. Handle are a trio from Manchester that prove there is yet more to be said with rock instrumentation. Extremely stripped and direct, both musically and lyrically, They manage to create very energetic, rhythmical groove-punk, with their English punk heritage heavily considered and taken that bit further.

We made this video in a moment of time, not long ago, when it was still possible to dance, laugh and enjoy live music. For this special evening, Handle was performed in the couture, which is designed by The Hague artist Tessa Bekker for the West team.