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the global resource center for everyone interested in the thinking of Donna Haraway! This Wiki was started to support the participants in the Haraway Circles series of meetings at West Den Haag.

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Reading Circle #6 — The Value of Nature : Stefania Barca.

original intro text

Thinkers of the anthropocene complicate the distinctions between human being and ‘Nature’. Pharmaceuticals, microplastics and other products of the globalized industrial production chain have infiltrated our bodies and maybe even our ideas, informed by instruments produced by the same processes. Stacy Alaimo examines this new hybrid experience in all its complexity, especially with regard to medicine and new notions of health, ability and disability. Stefania Barca's “Forces of Reproduction” - en eco-feminist extension of Marx's understanding of primitive accumulation and social reproduction. Expanding historical materialism along the lines of Silvia Federici's work, Barca reframes human progress as grounded in women's work, slavery and “inter-species being”. Only in a radical consideration of these contradictions can the challenges of the anthropocene be successfully contronted.

preparatory reading

Forces of Reproduction

Baruch's Slides

some references from our discussion

Jean Marc Jancovici - good on discussions of energy and energy transition.

Land Van Ons Coöperation of Dutch citizens that buys (former) agricultural land to restore biodiversity. Members of the cooperation become owners of the land together, no matter if you own 3m2 or 1000m2 or more. With the help of member/volunteers the land is cared for. It is not meant for speculation or to earn money. Each member has one vote, no matter how much land the member owns. Aim is to possess 15% of Dutch agricultural land.

Stichting Urbaniahoeve

Hornborg, A. (2017). Dithering while the planet burns—Anthropologists’ approaches to the Anthropocene. Reviews in Anthropology, 46(2–3),

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