Opening tour 03.09
Opening of the new cultural season by 8 galleries in Den Haag (map) 1646 opens with the exhibition What the modern era has gained in civility it has lost in poetic inspiration. Artist Joris Lindhout and curator Maaike Gouwenberg deconstruct the romantic and mythical image that Hollywood still produces of "Dixie". These Southern States of America have been labeled als 'faled' by neoliberalism. 
In Gemak the exhibition Generation 9/11 dives into the subject of war photography; new trends are being researched and presented with the work of 24 international photographers and (video) artists who have war and conflict as their subject.
Galerie Helder presents a joint presentation of recently graduated artists and designers entitled From the Inside, with work by Rutger de Regt, Camiel Corneille, Leonard van de Ven, Walker Pachler and Olivier van Breugel.
At Galerie van Kranendonk new photographic works can be seen by the gallery's photographers, the exhibition Update shows photography by a.o. Thomas Zika, Wout Berger, Aymeric Fouquez, Benoit Vollmer, Jan Adriaans, Wim van Egmond, Nicolas Wilmouth, Natascha Libbert, Maarten Wetsema and Johan Nieuwenhuize.
Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus opens with the exhibition Art belongs on a nail by Sander Reijgers. In Reijgers' sculptural forms design, art, fashion, sex, religion and politics come to a dramatic collision just as they, as dramatically, are wholly engrossed
In Galerie Maurits van de Laar Marcel van Eeden, Johan Gustavsson, Rens Krikhaar, Daniel Jensen and Sebastiaan Schlicher are exhibiting with new drawings.
Galerie Nouvelle Images shows new drawings, photos and mixed media works by Pieter Laurens Mol and paintings by Jan Roeland, upstairs the exhibition The Match is on show with paintings by Lucassen and Martin Assig.
West is proud to present American artist Reynold Reynolds’ first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Six Pieces is an exhibition in which Reynolds explores various aspects of human existence, using his experimental films and installations.
special evening at 38 museums and cultural institutions in Den Haag.
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The Museum Night passe-partout (special pass) grants free and continuous entry to all participating institutions, public transport services between 5 pm and 2 am (with the exception of the regular HTM night network), and after parties (to be held at the Centrale Bibliotheek, F.A.S.T. Surfdorp and Paard van Troje; MuteSounds: second ticket free)! Your passe-partout will grant you free access to one of the participating institutions on another date.
Passe-partouts: € 12.50, available at West