At Art Hong Kong Horvitz will present a new site-specific project. For the fair, Horvitz will travel to the Eastern most point of Hong Kong, Ping Chau, to view the sunrise. He will then follow the sun to the western most point, Peaked Hill, for the sunset. Like in ‘Public Access’, the photographs made at these times and locations, will be placed onto the Wikipedia pages of the two locations, and these ocean views will openly circulate through digital distribution channels. Following the sun, Horvitz pays attention to the natural cycle of the day. Before the invention of the clock, time was determined by one’s exact physical location and the exact position of the sun in the sky. Time was a relationship with both one’s location and with the grand field of the celestial. In ‘Hong Kong’, Horvitz attempts to rekindle this lost relationship to time.

A: Eastern most point of Hong Kong: Tung Ping Chau (wikipedia page)
B: western most point of Hong Kong: Peaked Hill (wikipedia page)