Zaterdag / Saturday 18.06.2016, 20:00 - 23:00, gratis toegang
With Oriana Dierinck, Anthony Gross, Pete Um, Puss & Mew and Keef Winter

Minifestival in which Douglas Park will perform with three invitees: Oriana Dierinck is a flutist in various orchestras and the founder chamber music ensemble Zvezdoliki, Dierinck will perform in a musical dialogue with Park. Pete Um is probably the best or at least the only Douglas Park impersonator and a tape-poet from Cambridge, with sardonic humour, unreliable MD player and a bunch of weird electronic miniatures. Keef Winter combines in the performance 'Handyman Aesthetic' his interests in art & architecture with sculpture, installation, music and performance. Winter will turn electropop into art and West into a workshop/dancefloor.
Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey: 'The Puss & Mew London Dry Gin Bar' will serve the 7th century liqueur cocktail 'St Lukas' and 'Anthony Gross's Colombo Dogs' are back by popular demand.

Octopus Contrapunctus
Douglas Park & Oriana Dierinck

Douglas Park & Pete Um

Douglas Park & Keef Winter