Three Ways At Once (I Don’t Understand Language)
With Gary Hill, George Quasha & Charles Stein

Performance + Panel Discussion
Zaterdag / Saturday 14.04.2018, 20:00 uur

A performance for multiple cameras, microphones, video projection, computers, and other instruments, all manifesting towards ‘glossodelia’. What are glossodelia? To answer this question beyond the literal meaning of the word – ‘revealing tongues’ – Gary Hill, George Quasha, & Charles Stein enter into a state of co-performative inquiry through what they use for language. This includes just about anything that can be generated in real (and hyperreal) time, such as sound, image, word, gesture, and a range of semi-definable electronic phenomena (electronic linguistics). What they make happen through various instruments (psychonautic languaging vehicles) becomes a field of strange attractors (dynamical lingualia) with a pull toward possible language realities (lingualities). They have called it 'a pulsational conversation with stepped-up intensity in which Real Time is invited to show its other side'.

Who understands language anyway?