Transformations of the Audible Symposium
16.05.2019 — 18.05.2019

Linnea Semmerling - Rehearsing Sensory Repertoires

Melissa van Drie - Theatrophonic framings

Brian Kane - Wireless Auscultation

Peter Ablinger, 'Jetzt / Blackout' (Preliminary version), Performed by Ensemble Modelo62

Simon Steen-Andersen, ‘Asthma’ performed by Andreas Borregaard

How do artistic practices intervene in the constitution of listening modes

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec - Rhythms of Presence

Catherine Lamb - Interactions

Heloisa Amaral - Touchez des yeux: a reverse poetics of musical display

Round Table - Media devices and modes of attention

G. Douglas Barret - Unhearing the Contemporary

Gabriel Paiuk - Questions on Audibility

Unhearing the Contemporary - Panel Discussion

Suzan Tunca & Giuliano Bracci

Elizabeth Dobbin - Old music, new ears

Jed Wentz - Burrhus, my mentor

Exhibition - Workshop "Composition beyond music"

Peter Ablinger - Music and Negativity

Interview with François Bonnet on the book ‘The order of sounds’

Round Table - Voice, Stage and Representation in sound

Joanna Bailie - Renewing audio-visual language

Eleni Kamma - Seeing through parrhesiastic dialectical games

Round Table - Models of sound and the acoustic

Penelope Gouk - Learning through music

Julia Kursell - Music for Radios

Round Table - Listening and the thresholds of musicality

Dafne-Vicente Sandoval - Performing Jakob Ullmann