Pierre Bismuth
Everybody is an artist, but only the artist knows it
25.03.2022 — 11.09.2022
Daily Screenings

12:00 - 13:33
Where Is Rocky II? — Pierre Bismuth
13:45 - 14:56
Minor History — Asad Raza
15:00 - 16:33
Where Is Rocky II? — Pierre Bismuth
16:45 - 17:56
Minor History — Asad Raza

Pierre Bismuth
Where is Rocky II?

Feature Lenght Film, 2016, 4K Digital Video, English, 93:33 min.

It is believed that an internationally acclaimed American artist Ed Ruscha produced a witty and mysterious object in 1979 that absolutely no one seems to be aware of, a fake rock hidden amongst real ones in the vast Californian desert. Now almost 40 years later, Academy-Award Winner*, artist and filmmaker Pierre Bismuth has set out to find this mysterious hidden piece, with the help of a private detective and two talented Hollywood screenwriters.

‘This film is very unique in its story and you will love it — or find it boring! If you like to sometimes lose track, wander off the beaten track and enjoy its singularity, this is for you! Dare follow this absurb, pointless hunt of a ‘work of art’ unlike any other (or is it?) and rejoice. That movie is also a better answer than hours of debate about what is a work of art.’

* Oscar-winning co-writer of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

Asad Raza
Minor History

Documentary, 2019, 4K Digital Video, English (Without Subtitles), 71:01 min.

Minor History is a portrait of Wahid Mohammed, the director’s 90-year-old uncle, who was born in British India in the 1920s and later fled to Pakistan, where he became an army general, before settling in Buffalo, New York. It spans time with him at his small apartment, the pool table he frequents at the local Whole Foods, and a zoo. Yet his ‘identity’ always remains opaque: the film bears witness to what is revealed in memory — traces documenting the forces that shape a life — and to the part of human subjectivity that cannot be expressed or known.