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Summer School 2022
18.07.2022 — 22.07.2022
Fiona Kumari Campbell
Fiona Kumari Campbell is Professor of Disability and Ableism Studies, School of Education & Social Work University of Dundee and a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). Campbell is an Adjunct Professor in Disability Studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. As a disabled biracial person, she is familiar, both personally and research-based, with the experiences of living peripherally. Fiona is recognised as a world leader in scholarship around ‘Studies in Ableism’ (the idea of human difference and devaluation) and has written extensively on issues related to Global South theory; disability and jurisprudence, Confucian, Indian, Buddhist and Jewish philosophies, disability in Sri Lanka and dis/technology.

Steph Holl-Trieu
Steph Holl-Trieu is an artist and researcher based in Berlin and Vienna. She is interested in the imbrications and slippages between digital materialism, technical aesthetics and the political economy. She works with methodologies of performative gameplay, theoryfiction writing and collective worlding. Her work has been shown at Roter Salon (Volksbühne Berlin), Grounded Festival (Ljubljana), The Mosaic Rooms (London), 3HD Festival (Berlin) and the Exhibit Gallery (Vienna), amongst others. Holl-Trieu co-runs the project space Ashley in Berlin and is an active member of the newly formed Research Institute for Technical Aesthetics (RITA).

Kamai Freire & Suelen Calonga (Obará)
Kamai Freire is a musician, composer and researcher from Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor in Composition from the Universidade de Brasília and a Master of Arts at the Unesco Chair on Transcultural Music Studies. His focus is on music, cultural heritage, and politics, with special interest in musical traditions of Africa and the Diaspora. Suelen Calonga is a visual artist and curator. Her ongoing research crosses academic, political and poetic experiences. Artistically, her work is situated between audiovisual, performance and, more recently, is moving towards critique of processes and procedures that sustain the colonization of knowledge through arts and science. (Obará is a word/name with spiritual meaning in West African and Afro-Diasporic religions. Obará is one of the 16 main ‘paths’ of humanity and the general idea is related to prosperity, wealth, transformation and faith.)

Julia Vandehof
Julia Vandehof is an Austrian performer and theater maker with a background in physical theatre. A visual language, non-linear forms of narration and the combination of movement, video, stage design and play characterize her work. Her focus is on collaborative devising, exploration of the poetic body, and embodied movement practice. Her artistic work moves between creating her own performances, working in participatory community based theater projects and as a performer. Current creative research areas include the tension between the representation and reality of gender roles in (mythological) stories, and a poetic view of dys/utopian future worlds.

Baruch Gottlieb
Baruch Gottlieb: Trained as a filmmaker, has worked in contemporary dance, theater, radio, television and performance. Currently, besides his professional work in digital media production, curation, writing and university, he specialises in participative events, schools, festivals, symposia, workshops, facilitation and organisation. He collaborates in Telekommunisten and Dinsnovation.org art collectives and is author of Digital Materialism (Emerald 2018) and A Political Economy of the Smallest Things (Atropos 2014). Baruch Gottlieb is curator at West Den Haag and is convenor of the School of ’21.

Information: The West Summer School 2022 is limited to 25 participants. There is a participant fee of € 175,- incl. lunches (student € 95,-). The program will be held in English. We will gather in the garden and auditorium at West in The Hague. To apply, please e-mail Chloë van Diepen: chloe@westdenhaag.nl before July 7th with a short motivation. If successful, you will receive a confirmation within the week. The Summer School is for participants only and is convened by Baruch Gottlieb.