Home & Away #9
The Climb with Bernd Krauß
Home & Away #9: The Climb
A cross-country tour: Various destinations throughout NL

Saturday 13 September, 9:00 - 21:00 H

Join the special edition of Home & Away for a NL tour to experience different ways of moving through landscape.

The ninth edition puts into practice Home & Away’s investigation into the notion of travel and its impact on how art is produced and consumed, by taking you on a tour through the Dutch lowlands. In fact, this edition compresses the entirety of Home & Away into one day, and we are thrilled to invite you to join us.

Home & Away #9: The Climb is a exceptional opportunity for us to travel together with Bernd Krauß, an artist whose generous and lively practice will introduce us to different ways of interacting with the landscape. Krauß is a high-octane and exuberant artist, often straddling multiple disciplines such as performance, drawing, video, social media, and sculpture. Employing different research strategies, articulated on multiple platforms, he can be described as the ultimate participant-observer.

Through a program devised by Krauß, we will be led on a cross-country tour stopping at various destinations in The Netherlands to experience different ways of moving through landscape: from climbing, walking, driving or to gliding, whilst being introduced to the unexpected. On the road we will observe, collect, and experience travel as sensory and kinesthetic as well as radical and vital. For Home & Away #9: The Climb, we will share in his intrepid enthusiasm for seizing the unique, the ordinary, and what moves inbetween.

Lead by Bernd Krauß, Home & Away will provide private transport, a customized program of activities as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please bring good shoes, comfortable clothing, and an enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Bernd Krauß is an artist based between Stockholm, Rotterdam and Nürnberg and is a tutor at Piet Zwart Institute since 2006. In his work, Krauß uses techniques ranging from painting, drawing and sculpture to video, photography, printing, performance, and theatre. Krauß continuously absorbs the everyday around him and uses this material for his objects, performances, and pictures as well as for his own improvised TV channel ‘Channel Middle Franconia’. His subtle transgressions often demand either self-reflection from passers-by about their place, both publicly and privately, in greater society. His use of formats not specific to art practice, and his preference for everyday forms of action, is characteristic of his work as much as the distance he consciously keeps to the type of expert artists, who attain mastery in their specific technique and spread it throughout the art system.

Home & Away is a thematic program series bringing together Dutch and international audiences with artists, composers, poets, translators, academics, and performers to think about what it is to be away, or stay at home. The program itself travels between its home at West Den Haag to cities such as Leiden & Sao Paulo to extend question the notion of home and how this impacts on both art production and consumption.

Participation fee is 25-euro pp; the complete program will be announced in August. To RSVP or for more information kindly contact Eloise Sweetman at eloise@westdenhaag.nl.