Slapp Happy (UK/FR)
Special performance
Peter Blegvad (UK) and Slapp Happy (UK/FR)
Thursday 28 September, 20:00

Slapp Happy is an avant-pop trio comprised of Dagmar Krause, Anthony Moore, and Peter Blegvad. They formed in Germany in 1972 under the auspices of producer/critic Uwe Nettelbeck who oversaw their first two albums, ‘Sort Of’ and ‘Acnalbasac Noom’, both recorded with members of Faust. After relocating to the UK the trio made two records for the Virgin label, 'Slapp Happy’ (1974), and 'Desperate Straights' (1975), the latter made with Henry Cow. In 1982 the trio released a single, ‘Everybody’s Slimmin’, Even Men and Women’. They collaborated again on ‘Camera’, a television opera broadcast on Channel 4 in 1993. Four years later the band recorded the album ‘Ça Va’ for the V2 label. Produced by Laurie Latham, they used looped samples and played all the other instruments themselves. In 2000 they toured Japan, and a CD ‘Live in Japan’ was released in 2001. In 2016 they were invited to perform at the Weekend Festival in Cologne with Jean-Hervé Perron and Werner Diermaier of Faust on bass and drums respectively, reprising parts they’d played on those first two albums forty years before.