Manipulating the (VGA) Monitor Signal by Wolfgang Spahn
1-Day Workshop (in English)

Tuesday 31.10.2017, 15:00 — 19:00
7,50 euro / students 5,- euro

25 participants only
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Nam Jun Paik is known for hacking TV sets with magnets. One might think that after we abandoned cathode ray tube monitors, the combination of TV and magnetism has also disappeared. But similar effects are still possible today by manipulating the analog video signal in a common VGA cable.
The fact that VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a signal based on electric current allows for hacking. One can manipulate it with coils and magnetic fields. The signal being similar to sound signals makes for an easy transfer to sound and vice versa.

In the workshop we will hack the VGA signal of our computer. We learn the basic about the VGA and how to manipulate, mix and sonificate the signal.